In Winning New York, Trump Loses

If you are a regular reader, you know this column will give credit where it is due: Trump’s haul in percentage of votes and delegates outstripped even the very favorable polls going into the New York primary. It also gives Trump something important that he had been missing until this relatively late contest: the majority of a statewide vote.

Right now you are likely waiting for the “but”; well, here are a few, and they are doozies: New York truly did show its values. Hillary more than doubled Trump’s vote count, and Democrat loser Bernie got more votes than all Republicans combined. Trump’s claim that he would carry his home state in the general election is not just bogus, it is laughably bogus.

Also of note, around two million votes were cast in the 2012 NY GOP primary; only around 800 thousand were cast in 2016. It would seem that Trump’s brand of slash-and-burn, scorched-earth politics actually suppresses the Republican vote. Not really a shock, but still… it does not bode well for a general election with Trump at the top of the GOP ticket.

And the cherry on top of this poop sundae? Cruz received more actual votes in Wisconsin than Trump did in New York. That’s right, your eyes aren’t failing you. WISCONSIN. Let that sink in.

While the usual pundits are correct that it is virtually impossible for Cruz to reach 1,237 at this point, Cruz will not be truly “eliminated” unless and until Trump reaches that magic number, himself. Good luck with that, #MisterTrump.


2 thoughts on “In Winning New York, Trump Loses

  1. Everything you said is SO true, unfortunately. Now that Trump is the nominee, what are your thoughts and ideas now? What can/should we do? I loved your article “Conservatives for Trump”. It was so profound, brilliant and sad. America is so screwed. I keep asking people who are ‘so awake’ like you are, if we should vote to keep Hillary out. Or vote with our conscience and leave the ovals for President blank? What do you think? I would love to read an article by you about our current predicament. May God Bless and Save America!


    1. I haven’t responded for so long because I’ve spent months in shock from the happenings of the second half of 2016; please accept my apology for the delay. The seemingly impossible happened, and Trump is president-elect. That was actually one of the least shocking things that happened: the good news is that one of the worst people in the world didn’t become POTUS; the bad news is that one of the worst people in the world became POTUS. I actually feel pretty neutral about the outcome of the election. We dodged one bullet, and in so doing took another one right between the eyes.

      I posited all along the Trump wouldn’t be as bad for America as Clinton, but he would be far worse for free-market constitutional conservatism, and everything that’s happened so far has borne me out as putative conservatives now defend Trump’s every action, whether conservative or avowedly statist. At least there’s value in this process that daily separates the wheat from the chaff. Still, it’s discouraging to see how many “conservatives” are actually unprincipled partisan shills, “my party, right or wrong”.

      I am only now reaching a point where I can once again involve myself in politics without losing my mind and/or my soul, and I’m taking it slowly. I don’t yet know how active I’ll become again; we’ll just have to wait and see… I’m as curious as anyone. LOL

      How are you keeping? How politically active are you now? Enquiring minds want to know.


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