Yet Another Planned Parenthood Dark Side

Planned Parenthood has justly garnered a great deal of added scorn recently for selling baby body parts like an infant chop shop, but there is another, little-known but extremely abhorrent side to this blight on our national landscape: the complete perversion of democracy. How could this be possible for a baby chop shop? Read on….

Imagine, if you will, a sleepy little burg that is nevertheless a relatively important town in its state. Among other things, it has a sizable four-year university, as well as a significant amount of heavy industry. Next, imagine that the town alderpersons (or, if you prefer, city council), after years of unrelenting pressure from homosexual “rights” groups, and after a number of failed attempts, passes an ordinance making anyone unwilling to bake a cake for, or provide flowers for, or take photographs of a same-sex wedding—or any number of other heinous acts against humanity—not only civilly liable but also guilty of a crime, punishable by a $5,000 fine and six months in jail per count. Theoretically, a same-sex couple could request wedding services multiple times, and each refusal would constitute a separate criminal count against the refuser. All of this, despite the fact that supporters of the ordinance could point to not even a single occurrence of such discrimination in the town. Ever.

Citizens of the town opposed to the ordinance came together and got on the ballot of the next general election a referendum to repeal this draconian ordinance. A grassroots campaign managed to raise around $9,000—a hefty sum in the local politics of our little imaginary ville. The repeal referendum had strong support from not only politically-conservative voters, but also from the religious groups that held a great deal of sway in the town. The referendum seemed sure to pass; the nightmarish ordinance appeared to be doomed.

But then the forces opposed to repeal of the ordinance got into gear. They managed to raise money from predominantly out-of-state interests, many of them usual suspects in this sort of homosexual “rights” fight: Human Rights Campaign and the ACLU. In total, those opposing the referendum for repeal had a war chest of about $100,000—more than ten times what the referendum supporters had.

Using this massive amount of funding, a slick website was produced, and large advertising buys were made in local print, radio, and television media, all conveying the message that, if you supported repeal of the ordinance, you hated homosexuals and you were a bad person.

The referendum to repeal the ordinance lost by an extremely narrow margin, when it had looked like it was sure to pass only months earlier. No one was particularly surprised, given the huge propaganda campaign waged against it.

Now, the crux of the story: examination of campaign records revealed that those “usual suspects” had actually donated only about 20% of the funds to the opposition. Fully 80% of that amazing sum had come from … wait for it … Planned Parenthood.

You may be forgiven for being confused about Planned Parenthood’s involvement in a political skirmish that had nothing to do with “reproductive rights”. But the dirty little secret is that Planned Parenthood is, first and foremost, a highly profitable arm of the proglib money laundering machine. Add up taxpayer funding, donors like George Soros and Warren Buffet (Buffet is believed to have singlehandedly donated $100 million), and the lucrative profit centers of performing abortions and then selling the resulting baby parts (intact heads apparently fetch the highest prices), and you have a mighty juggernaut of funding for proglib causes.

Since money is fungible, some of the funds used to subvert the will of the majority in our little town that wanted that terrible ordinance repealed actually came from taxes they had paid. How can this possibly be allowed to happen? But it does happen, right under our noses. It is highly likely that this is far from the only way that Planned Parenthood perverts our political landscape, but it is extremely improbable that we will learn the full extent and scope of this perversion until a full public audit is performed on Planned Parenthood, something that should have happened decades ago. But the Left doesn’t want anyone to know just how incredibly lucrative the abortion industry is, so such an audit is not going to happen if proglibs have anything to say on the matter.

There remains one ray of hope: Planned Parenthood could tick off the North Koreans so badly that the Norks will carry out a Sony-style hack and publish the results. Now, wouldn’t that be poetic justice?


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