Fun and Games with Inevitable Doom


Over at Reuters, David Auerbach regurgitated a piece on Anthropogenic Global Warming. As his basis, Mr. Auerbach used an interview given to The Australian by Professor Frank Fenner.

It is most interesting how Mr. Auerbach, he of the suggestive Guy Fawkes/Anonymous masks (I’m so edgy!), he of the religious certainty of humankind’s simultaneous ability to effect environmental cataclysm and species-wide death wish (we’re so stupid and ignorant that we deserve to wipe ourselves out!), neglects to make any mention, nay, fails to give even the slightest hint that Professor Fenner made the cited doomsday predictions almost exactly five years ago—June 2010, to be precise. Perhaps this is Auerbach’s disingenuous way of penning a “This Day in History” column. Confirming this date is incredibly easy: an Internet search for “fenner global warming” will return a number of results, most—the Reuters article excepted—from 2010. Indeed, Auerbach links to the original interview in The Australian, but anyone who doesn’t take the time or the trouble to click over to it would be forgiven for thinking the interview took place yesterday.

Professor Fenner is, indeed, a “world-renowned scientist”, with many auspicious awards to his name. What, you may ask, is Professor Fenner’s particular discipline that qualifies him to prophesy so authoritatively about our imminent and unavoidable environmental demise? Meteorology? Climatology? Physics? Geology? Wait, you mean to tell me Professor Fenner’s life’s work has been in microbiology and epidemiology?

Now, if Professor Fenner’s dire predictions had involved some type of super-plague, I might be inclined take them more seriously than I do now that I know that they are the maunderings of a cross-discipline hobbyist who obviously believes the fallacy that being an expert in one field automatically makes one an expert in any number of fields. Professor Fenner is unquestionably a smart guy, but, unless he has personally reviewed and replicated the work of the climate alarmists—which, oh yeah, no one can do since the alarmists have been rather unscientifically cagey about their data and methodology (just believe us, we’re scientists!)—he is simply spouting off regarding his faith in the curative qualities of a modern-day snake oil… or, more to the point, his faith in a deadly poison with which humankind is doomed to commit suicide.

Let us not forget the photo heading the piece: our lovebirds are gazing out over… is it Los Angeles? Phoenix? Dallas? Houston? No, it’s Cairo, where it’s been astonishingly warm of late, when in the past it was known for its cool mountain breezes. The photo is especially alarming when one considers that Cairo almost never experiences either smog or dust storms. We must be in serious trouble. Conspicuously absent is a photo of stranded polar bears. Those bears really tug at your heartstrings, don’t they?

So, to recap, a faithful believer in one of the greatest hoaxes—perhaps the greatest hoax—ever perpetrated on a fashionably gullible elite has resurrected a five year old story based on the doomsday prophecies of a climate dilettante to put the fear of Gaia into us heretics. Got it.


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